There are a number of factors involved in admission decisions but first and foremost is the expectation that an applicant can meet all of the Egyptian Ministry of Education’s rules and regulations.  Educationally, the overriding expectancy is that the applicant has the ability to access the UK National Curriculum, at school.


Therefore, the applicant’s academic performance and potential, family proficiency in English and whether they have siblings already in the school are all key factors that must be considered.


Although priority admission is given to children with siblings already in the school, admission for these children is not guaranteed. All siblings are granted early admission privileges, a guaranteed school place if accepted. The final decision on whether to accept an applicant lies with the School Director, who is advised by members of the Senior Management Team and academic staff.


The British International College of Cairo school reserves the right to remove children from school if it is discovered at a later date that parents have not disclosed the correct information at the time of the Parent Interview.


Please note that The British International College of Cairo reserves the right to remove children from the school at the end of Foundation Stage 2 and at the end of Year 9, if it is deemed that the child is not accessing the school curriculum effectively or abiding by the school’s expectations with regards to behaviour and discipline.  The school has a strict policy of placing children in the correct year group based on their date of birth.

Your Children Future is in Safe Hands!