About us



The British International College of Cairo is to deliver an outstanding international education whilst ensuring that Egyptian values are central to college life.  We aim to expand the minds of our students and infuse them with a passion for learning and the ambition to make a difference in the local and global community.  Our mission is to build a new generation of entrepreneurs, by equipping students with an innovative spirit and positive attitude to education, life and work whilst staying grounded in their own identity and culture.  We believe that students can only achieve their individual potential through a well-balanced and progressive education that cultivates a lifelong enthusiasm for learning; fit for an international and global connected world.





To expand, broader capabilities and challenge young minds to strive for success by providing a stimulating learning environment with innovative and responsive teaching.  To maximise individual potential and ensure all students are empowered to meet the challenges of education and life


Our vision is excellence for all our pupils in:

  • Learning and Achievement
  • Personal development
  • Pastoral care
  • Preparation for life


Our core values are:

  • Every child is unique, valued and capable of achieving their potential
  • Strong partnerships between home and school promote effective learning for each child
  • Personal, social, moral and spiritual development are equally as important as academic success
  • Children learn best when they are happy, safe and secure
  • It is not who a child is by birth that matters, but what they make of their life
  • A commitment to the development of the whole child through a stimulating curriculum




– Inspire and support each child to fulfil their potential and to develop their talents

– Promote a culture of care, respect and traditional values within our school family and the wider community

– Develop ability to gather, organise and analyse information and apply it to problem solving and making decisions.

– The self-discipline to work independently and the confidence to work collaboratively

– Develop each pupil’s confidence, self-esteem, independence and integrity

– Evolve children’s spiritual awareness

– Lay the foundations for achievement and happy successful life

– Recognise the similarities and differences in individuals and cultures which lead to mutual benefits and a growing understanding of the beliefs of others

– The adaptability to change by recognising opportunities for learning and growth throughout their lives


Your Children Future is in Safe Hands!