Extra Curricular Activities

Educational Experience

The children’s educational experience at BICC provides a broad, balanced and firm foundation for learning and personal development.




Speaking, reading and writing in fluent English is the core focus at British International College Of Cairo. Reading with understanding and expression is also fundamental to develop skills at a steady pace. The breadth of planning also allows reinforcement at different levels for your child to experience different types of text. It is vital that pupils do not rush through each stage, as their comprehension needs to keep pace with the mechanical process of reading. A reading log will be provided.  Please support this by reading aloud regularly with your child at home and by being advised by the class teacher of the appropriate level for everyone.




Homework becomes increasingly important as the children move up through the school however,  it is a vital reinforcement of the class work.  Homework is tracked and given a mark that is reflected in term reports. Students who fail to submit homework on the deadline will be deducted a total of 1% every day until the work has been submitted.

Parents will be notified via communication books with a required parent signature in return. After 3 successive delays submitting homework, parents will be called for a meeting.  Meetings are mandatory and failure to attend or lack of parental cooperation will result in the school not being held responsible for the academic level of the student.  If you have any concerns about your child’s homework or they are regularly taking considerably longer than advised to do it, please speak to the teacher concerned by requesting an appointment in your child’s Communication Book.

On occasion, the children may be given activities to complete during the longer holidays.



Educational Trips

When possible, educational visits are encouraged to enhance the curriculum; however, an extra charge may be made to cover the expenses incurred. All visits are risk assessed by staff beforehand and parents are informed of the arrangements by letter.  Parents are not permitted to attend trips and are advised not to be in the vicinity on the day of their child’s trip.



Character Building

The aim of our Character Education Program is to develop in all pupils’ core ethical and moral values to help pupils become caring, responsible and contributing citizens.

Character education includes a broad range of educational approaches such as whole child education, service learning, social-emotional learning, civic education and aims to promote a core set of universally acknowledged values. Pupils focus on one specific value every month. Skills needed to effectively practice and apply each value are taught during all lessons.


The Character Education Program is enforced across the school; classrooms, playgrounds, corridors, bathrooms, buses etc. and integrated in all subjects. All parents, teachers and staff members are responsible for reinforcing the values taught to pupils.



English and Math’s Support                                                                                                                   

There are dedicated English and Maths teachers who work with children that need further development of the understanding of the language or skills to fully access the curriculum. Individual Educational Plans are created after careful assessments have been made to identify the gap. Children are given support based on plans, which may be individual, in a group or in pairs.



Additional Educational Needs 

If a staff member has concerns about a child’s learning and their progress, this will be discussed with parents.  A child who is excelling in his/her current year group with a subject, e.g. Science, is also classed as a child with Additional Educational Needs.  A child is deemed to have an additional educational need if he/she has a learning difficulty which calls for additional educational provision to be made for him/her.  The child may then be referred to external agencies for their input and advice for the school and/or parents to make the best provision. Parents will be kept fully informed and involved throughout this process.



After-school Activities

A range of after school activities is available for pupils in Year 1 → Year 9 each term. While some of these clubs may continue throughout the year, others are termly. Details concerning the clubs are passed to parents in the term preceding, so that a register may be compiled in advance. Places in the clubs are limited, so early registration is advised.  The clubs are held between 3.15 pm and 4.15 pm, after which children should be collected promptly.

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