ICT and E-Safety

ICT and E-Safety Acceptable Use


BICC is very proud of its students and their achievements; we regulary publish articles and updates on their day to day school life, work and extracurricular activities such as trips, events and cermonies.

These may include photos and/or videos pf your child individually/their class class/the school as a whole/their work and their name. Such outlets are not limited but include school newsletters/BICC website/BICC Facebook/BICC Instagram/BICC App/marketing materials.


Computers and related technologies are a crucial part of life today and proper usage is a critical part of our pupils’ learning. All pupils will receive inductions on E-Safety as well as guidelines on the use of all technology in school. Computers are available in different parts of the school for different needs as follows:


School library for Internet research and library system searches.

Classrooms for working on the Interactive Board, and for research.

Computer labs, for computing lessons. All pupils must:

–            save their work as per teacher instructions

–            handle equipment carefully

–            only access material approved by teachers (no Facebook, games and unauthorized websites)

–            respect copyrights and intellectual property rights

–            follow proper procedures of logging in and logging off


Any breach of these guidelines is considered a disciplinary matter and will be dealt with appropriately.

Sanctions may include a temporary ban and/or restricted use.


It is the school’s top priority, to keep its network and users safe. Inappropriate actions by any user that compromise these aims in any way, or that adversely affect the smooth running of the network, will be dealt with sternly. It is the right of the school to examine or delete any files that may be held on the network and to monitor any visited sites on the Internet.

Your Children's Future are in Safe Hands!