Students Life

Our aim is to deliver a truly outstanding international school where your child will thrive both personally and academically.  How will we achieve this?


High Academic Standards
We will rigorously follow the British Cambridge curriculum, applying the same standards as in the UK.  Our low numbers of students per class encourage interaction between the teacher and your child, assisting in their development as they learn to solve problems and take on board new information.


Egyptian Values

Traditional values of respect, manners and ethics will be instilled in our students from an early age along with knowledge of our country’s rich history and cultural development.


ACBR Entrepreneurship

We will educate with the philosophy of building a new generation of entrepreneurs.  We will bring out the best in your child, encourage your child to ask questions and discover ways of improving the status quo from an early age so that they are ready to take calculated risks to meet tomorrow’s challenges.


Community Service

All students will have the opportunity to become involved in community service projects, helping people who are less fortunate than themselves. Using the foundations of community spirit and integration our students will work in teams to achieve specific goals, engaging with the local and global communities.

Your Children's Future are in Safe Hands!