The campus is designed to accommodate 717 students from KG – Year 12 IGCSE. Built on an international standard of area per student. The School boasts fabulous modern facilities with 42 Classrooms, 8 specialised labs and 8 activity classes. We are very proud of our lab facilities which offer the very best in modern design and equipment to facilitate and encourage our students to choose STEM subjects for Level 2 and Level 3.

Our new site also incorporates a state-of-the-art science lab and high-tech computer studio lab which combines the latest in media and computer technology to encourage students to study digital media and software design to 2nd and 3rd level. In addition to this, we have language labs which are fully fitted with the latest technology in language learning to assist students learning at their own pace with encouragement.



All classrooms are equipped with top of the range smart boards and projectors.


Class Limit License

BICC has obtained the licence from the local authorities in Egypt to limit the maximum number of students per class to only 17 students as an absolute maximum.

This limit is now mandatory by law and will provide assurance to parents, students and teachers of the high quality of the educational standards BICC seeks. This is inline with our school philosophy to focus on each individual student and encourage working in groups and as a team.

The School bans private lessons of all kind and encourages students to have minimum homework and maximum use of the school day.


By that limitation, the school’s official Students/Teacher ratio is 11:1 which  exceeds most schools in Egypt, Europe, The United states and indeed the world. It is undeniable that this ratio and the classroom maximum number of students relates directly to the quality of education and each student’s personal achievement on both the educational and personal fronts.






The school day is 15:00 when the bell will be rung.  Classes are led out by a teacher to the front doors.  Children are not allowed out until staff can identify their parent. This is a matter of Child Protection – we will not allow anyone other than the child’s guardian to collect their child unless this has already been previously arranged via the school office and a School ID has been issued.

Any student who wishes to leave before the end of the school day must inform the school before 10am of the same day.   After 3 early departures within one term, the school will consider any early departure as unauthorized absence for that day.

Procedure for Collection

All pupils are escorted either to the bus departure area or to the designated supervised area near Gate 2 for parent/guardian pick up. At 3:15pm, pupils who have not been picked up are escorted to a waiting area to await collection.

Children should be collected promptly at the end of the school day or after clubs and activities. The doors are open from 15:00 until 15:15 for Foundation, Primary and Secondary.  

If a parent or guardian is unavoidably delayed, they should contact the school office as soon as possible and endeavour to get to school as quickly and safely as possible. The child will be cared for by a matron/security until they are collected.  

School Bus

Safety is the primary concern for every child that rides BICC School bus. Therefore, every precaution will be taken to make sure each child arrives at their destination safely. This can only be accomplished if we have the cooperation of both student and parent.


The following guidelines will be used to ensure the safe and efficient operation of our buses:

  • Students should be waiting in line at their bus stop five (5) minutes before the scheduled pick up time. Buses will NOT wait for students.
  • Once the Student is on the bus, he/she is under the authority of the bus matron and students shall treat her with the same respect and courtesy given to a teacher.
  • Student should sit quietly in the assigned seat and remain seated while the bus is in motion.
  • No shouting No arguing or swearing.
  • Students should not deface or destroy school property.
  • Students should keep their feet on the floor and not on any portion of the bus seat.
  • Students should not threaten or strike another student.
  • Students will keep hands, arms, and heads inside the bus always.
  • No eating allowed, and students will not throw or spit items on the bus or out the bus windows.
  • Any concerns or complaints should be reported immediately to the administration to take the necessary action.







Sports Facilities

Your Children's Future are in Safe Hands!