Attendance Policy



If your child is unwell and unable to attend school, please call or email the school office by 10am on the first day of absence, to inform us of the reason.  A note of explanation should also be provided on the child’s return to school, for our records. Children should maintain a high percentage of attendance, 85% each term. If annual attendance is less than this, your child may not be entered for exams; according to protocol.  In addition, students may not receive an end of year school report.

Visits to the doctor or dentist should be arranged outside of school hours unless it is an emergency.


There are times when children are in and out during the school day; you are required to send a note in advance, addressed to the Head, for such absences. In addition to this, please report to the front desk when you collect, to sign them out.



If your child has sickness or diarrhoea, please keep them at home for at least 24 hours after their symptoms have stopped. Occasionally we may extend this to 48 hours, if a particularly virulent bug is affecting children in school. A medical report needs to be recorded for authorised absence.


Contagious Illnesses

There are times when children contract infections that are contagious (passed on by contact with others), such as chicken pox, or even conjunctivitis, head lice or impetigo. It is very important that good hygiene is encouraged in all pupils and that the risk of the infection spreading is minimised. To help reduce the spread of infection, it is likely to be necessary for your child to remain at home until the risk has been reduced.  Advice will be sought from appropriate agencies where necessary, but we would ask that you support the school fully in reducing the risk of infection spreading.


In cases of head lice, you should check your child’s hair regularly, as lice spread mostly from head to head contact and need to be treated.  If head lice or their nits are found on a child, the school should be informed so we can advise other parents to check their children. The whole family should be treated, and any towels changed daily for one week.  Various treatments and advice are available from pharmacies.


The school doctor will actively check all students on a regular basis and report accordingly to parents with written advice to treat identified symptoms.


Diary Dates

A list of dates is issued termly and updated regularly, in magazines, newsletters and on the school website; this includes the forthcoming events for the term. The regular magazine explains these events in more detail and keeps parents/carers informed of any changes to arrangements or published dates.



The school’s calendar is published in advance.  This was done to allow parents the opportunity to book family holidays within the school holiday periods.  Although we recognise that this can sometimes be difficult, parents are reminded that they have a duty to ensure that their child attends school regularly.

Work covered at any specific time cannot be guaranteed to be revisited and may be crucial to your child’s understanding across a range of subject areas. Authorised leave, therefore, for family holidays, will only be granted in exceptional cases.

Please note that Islamic holidays are subject to change at very short notice









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