Principal words





Dear Parents,

I am very humbled and honoured to be selected as BICC’s Principal.  This year is going to be an exciting period in BICC’s journey.

My priority is to focus on academic excellence (raise standards with quality staff, excellent delivery and challenging lessons) in addition to offering exciting, sought after activities, events and trips.  Of course, this is in parallel with implementing strong discipline and values across the school.

“As a mother, teacher and principal, I absolutely understand your anxieties”.   

I firmly believe that every child can succeed and that cooperation between management, teachers, support staff, parents and extended family members builds trust and self-esteem in learners.  With my goal of raising academic standards, I am devoted to continually exploring new ideas to meet the needs of all students.  I’m here to understand everyone’s needs, hence I propose to actively meet, listen, act and monitor.

“Yes, there will be changes; but change is key to progress”.

As some of last year’s staff head off in various directions, I am delighted to welcome Ms. Kay Faraz and Ms. Rifqa Hussein who both have a wealth of experience from the top schools in UK and Cairo. The best teachers have also been recruited to deliver a diverse IGCSE programme this academic year.

“I wish to implement a ‘British Ethos’ into BICC”.

What does that mean? British values and culture as far as it is permissible within Egypt’s culture; respect, tolerance, good manners, presentation, confidence, positive contribution, hard work and the ability to distinguish right from wrong.

“We are always pushing to be better. Working ‘smarter’ in everything we do”.

We have been working hard and I am excited by the challenge. I can’t wait to celebrate our collective successes during the 2021-2022 school year.

Thank you for your support.

Warm Regards,

BICC School Principal

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