Upper School

The Upper School at BICC consists of Year 12 and the Upper

Sixth (Year 13). As students start their advanced level of study, students are given a wider responsibility as well as greater independence and more privileges.

In the Upper School students are able to take full advantage of the wealth of co-curricular opportunities available from the myriad clubs and societies, many of them led by students, from sport, music and drama to specialist trips and outings designed to complement their individual studies.

Our commitment to ensuring that our Upper School pupils look beyond their examined syllabuses is exemplified aiming to encourage intellectual engagement beyond the classroom and to lead boys and girls to begin thinking about life after school earlier than they otherwise might.

In Year 11, we expect students to take two or three modules, thereby qualifying at AS level. As A levels are reformed, some subjects will not sit AS modules. In Year 12 will continue with three or four of their chosen subjects to Advanced (A2) level. This will form the basis of a student’s application to University education.

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